Does Israel want the Gaza Strip?

By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad   (2/6/24)

Unsurprisingly, Stuart Seldowitz, the former National Security Council official has reached a plea deal on hate crime charges after going on racist, anti-Palestinian and Islamophobic rants against a food cart vendor in New York in November of 2023. Stuart Seldowitz, 64, pleaded not guilty in November to two counts of fourth-degree hate crime/stalking and one count of second-degree aggravated harassment. On Thursday, January 26th Seldowitz reached a plea deal with authorities, allowing for the charges to be dismissed so long as he attends a 26-week anti-bias training program and avoids arrests or interacting with the victims. (

An “anti-bias training program” might help change an ignorant man, unfamiliar with Islamic culture, but this man was a State Department employee holding high-level positions in five administrations including:

1. Senior Political Officer in the US State Department’s Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs from1999 to 2003.

2.  Director for European Affairs at the National Security Council, advising President Barack Obama on matters related to the Balkans, Turkey, Cyprus, and the Caucasus from 2009 to 2017. (

Why would such an intelligent and powerful man take the time to harass a food cart vendor in Manhattan? Here is some of the “hate speech” that Seldowitz hurled at the unsuspecting food vendor that we transcribed from the video posted on YouTube in November of 2023 which has had 483,000 views thus far: (

“Did you rape your daughter like Muhammad did? Did you rape your daughter like Muhammad?” “Because your Muhammad was a rapist. It says in the hadith, your holy book…Muhammad, your prophet…he was a rapist. He raped Aisha. It says that in the hadith. Does it say that in the hadith or not? Do you know that?…What do you speak? Do you speak Arabic, the language of the Koran? The Holy Koran, that some people use as a toilet? What do you think of that, people who use the Koran as a toilet? Does it bother you? Does it bother you? Tell me the truth. …When they deport you back to Egypt and the paparazzi wants to interview you for being…”

          We must assume that what is revealed by his speech reflects the ideas of his heart as he was developing national foreign policy in 5 administrations. His attitude and his ideas expose the “deep state” takeover of the American government that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been warning the American people about for decades.

          The Jewish dominated press continues to claim that Minister Farrakhan called Judaism a gutter religion, which he never did. And he has defended the Jewish prophets against the slanderous tongues of the writers of the Bible. He never said anything ugly about the prophets of Judaism in stark contrast to Stuart Seldowitz’s claims that Prophet Muhammad, May the Peace of Allah be upon him, raped his daughter. This is outrageous and slanderous and it is an outright lie.

          There is no record of him being charged or accused of raping anyone. There is no such Hadith that even closely alludes to this outright lie from Seldowitz’s lips.

On the other hand, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan defends the righteousness of Lot and all the prophets of the Bible as his teacher did:

“The Bible charges all of its Great Prophets with evil, it makes God guilty of an act of adultery by charging Him with being the father of Mary’s baby (Jesus), again it charges Noah and Lot with drunkenness, and Lot with getting children by his daughter. What a Poison Book. (Message to the Black Man, p.95)

          But Seldowitz is definitely trying to provoke the helpless food vendor by not only slandering the prophet of Islam, but alluding to the Holy Qur’an being used “as a toilet.” You can’t get more low down and dirty than that.      

          This same man gives us a look into his thinking in an interview on October 14, 2023 on the Israel-Hamas war in an hour-long right-wing podcast by Amy Peikoff. ( This interview was a week after the October 7, 2023 Hamas attack on Israel and a full month before his verbal attack on the food vendor in November of 2023.  He starts off by describing how and why Hamas was set up: 

“Hamas was actually begun in the 1980s. It was begun to some extent with support of the government in Israel, ironically enough, because they thought that a religious based organization would weaken the PLO which they viewed was their main enemy.”     

          So, Israel set Hamas up to go against the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) which became the PA (Palestinian Authority). And then he goes further in explaining Israel’s strategy:

“The thought was that a group of people who based their political philosophy on the Koran and religion and so on would be more honest than the guys that were running the PA…”

          So, mind you that this man that maligned the Islamic religion and its prophet was paid by the U.S. government to help set foreign policy. America was on the side of Israel, whose thinking was that those who based their “political philosophy on the Koran”, would be more easily manipulated and tricked than the more secular Palestinian Authority.

          He goes further to explain why Hamas chose to strike Israel on October 7th: “Why now? First of all, they have been training for this for probably over 2 years, best we could tell.”

          Is there any evidence that Israeli intelligence knew far in advance that Hamas was preparing to attack Israel on October 7th, the same way that American intelligence knew in advance of an attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11? The New York Times reported on November 20, 2023, “Israel Knew Hamas’s Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago.”

( The Times’ article also reported that Israeli commanders ignored long-ago warnings of the militants’ plot, down to the details of what they would do and how they would do it.

          Now the New York Times has recently reported that many of the munitions and materials for bombs and missiles actually came from Israel. However, the Times’ article tries to make us believe that these weapons and bomb materials were just left over from previous attacks by Israel in Gaza and were just bombs or munitions that did not explode, “Where Is Hamas Getting Its Weapons? Increasingly, From Israel.(

          Now on the issue of where Hamas is getting its money to support its military agenda, Seldowitz opines:

“By the way Hamas also receives assistance, not as much, from the government of Qatar and from the government of Turkey which is an additional ally and plays a very sophisticated game of how to be on both sides of many issues at the same time.”

          Recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has admitted that he struck a deal with Qatar to allow them to sneak millions of dollars into Gaza, even though some of his military leaders were in opposition. In fact, one of them was reported to have resigned over this issue.(

In this same interview Seldowitz emphatically said:

“Gaza is surrounded on two sides by Israel, one side by the Mediterranean and one side by Egypt. Egypt wants no part of Gaza, ever. They want no part of Gazans, not just the territory. And so, what comes after, the one thing that Israel does not want to do. It does not want to stay there and reestablish its occupation and run Gaza.”

Well, Netanyahu’s Likud Party in Israel just had a big rally and party on January 29, 2024 celebrating how they will resettle Gaza after their successful war to eliminate Hamas, “Cabinet members call to resettle Gaza, encourage Gazans to leave, at jubilant conference” (

         There is evidence that points to why Israel wants Gaza:                                                                                                                   

“In 1999, British Gas (BG) discovered the existence of natural gas in the Gaza Marine fields, 20 nautical miles off the coast of Gaza, at a depth of 610 meters below the surface. Further exploration by BG through two successful wells — Gaza Marine 1 and Gaza Marine 2 — determined the field could contain up to 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas…”   (

                 After Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal in 1956 and closed it in 1967 during the “Six Day War”, Israel planned a new canal which they could control:

“The Ben Gurion Canal project was a proposal in the 1960s by Israel to connect the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea through the southern end of the Gulf of Aqaba… The US had once proposed to use some 520 nuclear bombs on the Negev Desert (Naqab) to help create the canal. With Gaza razed to the ground, there have been alleged plans to literally cut corners and reduce costs by diverting the canal straight through the middle of the Palestinian enclave.” (

Follow the money and connect the dots. Israel covets that Gaza spot.