Did Malcolm X Outgrow His Teacher?
By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad 12/13/23

“The Muslims in my opinion represent an all Black Party. And The Honorable Elijah Muhammad pointed out before 10,000 in Philadelphia on September the 29th at a rally that we were having, that in 1964 the Black people should ban together and do something about electing, selecting, electing representatives, Black representatives, politically, who have the rights and the best interests of the Black people at heart; that we should also unite together and sweep out of office all of the Black political puppets who are used by the white power structure to continue white supremacy in our communities.” (Malcolm X, 10/11/63: Interview at the University of California Berkley)

The above quote is taken from an interview that was done in October of 1963, before the assassination of President Kennedy and Malcolm’s subsequent famous “chickens coming home to roost” statement in December of 1963. The so-called “Autobiography of Malcolm X” (AMX) gives the impression that Malcolm X was outgrowing his teacher and it took a break from the confines of Nation of Islam’s dogma for the political genius of Malcolm to blossom into relevant political strategies to “overcome” the shackles of the American society. Malcolm’s own words blows this argument apart and shows the nefarious shenanigans of our open and sometimes hidden Enemy.
Alex Haley’s so-called “Autobiography of Malcolm X” (AMX) should serve as a warning to every prominent leader, that if you intend to write an AUTOBIOGRAPHY, be sure to live long enough to Check it before it is Published. This so-called “autobiography” is a glaring example of how even the words spoken by someone taken out of context and switched in terms of timing can be used to completely distort the relationship between “cause and effect” and give the impression that an innocent person had a motive to kill Malcolm, while hiding the hands of the real killers.
I first read this so-called “autobiography” when I was 15 years old and attending a white prep school on full scholarship in New England. The impression the book left with me was that The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad became jealous of Malcolm and had the Fruit of Islam (FOI) to assassinate him. Also, in the middle of this book I was awakened by the revelation that “the white man is the devil”, but by the end of the book I was left confused again to the nature of white people, their origin and motives as a people. Instead of understanding that they were a “race of devils” and therefore the solution of the race problem could only be solved by “separation”, I was left with the daunting and dangerous task of checking each white person one by one to see if they were harmless or poisonous.
From reading that book I was given the impression that Malcolm X was outgrowing The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. After Alex Haley’s untimely death in 1992 right before the release of the movie “Malcolm X”, his belongings, including chapters of the “autobiography” that were not included in the book (published eight months after Malcolm’s death) were sold at auction. After these documents changed hands a few times over the years, they were finally made available to the general public in November of 2019 in the Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Book Division of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, NYC.
The following analysis uses a portion of Missing Chapter 9 whose title was “The Negro” dictated by Malcolm to Haley in 1963 and the relevant section of Chapter 16: “Out” taken from the full 1992 edition of the “Autobiography of Malcolm X.” We have transcribed the full Missing Chapter 9 and can make that available to you. This missing chapter shows that if Malcolm had lived and this chapter was fully highlighted in a real autobiography, the breach between he and his teacher may have been mended and the subsequent loss of life which created disunity in the Black community for the past 58 years could have been avoided.
The timing and content of missing chapter 9 are significant for two reasons:
1. It was dictated in 1963 before Malcolm split from the Nation of Islam but portions of this chapter were placed at a later date in the so-called “autobiography”, namely 1964 after the split and
2. In the missing chapter 9 Malcolm gives full credit to The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad for the political strategy outlined, while in the words he supposedly said, which were placed in 1964 in his so-called “autobiography,” Malcolm did not mention his leader and the reader is given the distinct impression that Malcolm developed this strategy on his own after splitting from his teacher that he supposedly outgrew.

Missed Opportunity

1963 was a watershed moment in that the New York Times all of a sudden became very interested in Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam. At a later time, we will discuss the speech that Malcolm gave on June 23, 1963 at Rev. Adam Clayton Powel’s church in Harlem, NYC where Malcolm rocked a church filled with Black Christians on the idea of a “Black Revolution.” Malcolm had to pause numerous times for thunderous applause for one of his most anti-white “wolf” speeches, which must have made the hair on the backs of the “powers-that-be” stand straight up.
In that 25-minute speech Malcolm mentioned “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad” 29 times and “Separation” as the solution for America’s race problem 15 times. Right around the corner from Rev. Powell’s church was another rally being held by the more “meek and mild” civil rights leaders who were trying to respond to the uprising of Black people sparked by the murder of Medgar Evers in Mississippi in June of 1963. If the government had paid informants in both rallies, which of course they did, the idea of Black Christians accepting the direction and guidance of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad over other more moderate “Negroes” must have been a “call to arms” for the powers that ran America. In retrospect we now know more about how the FBI using COINTELPRO tactics went to work on causing the split between Malcolm and his teacher during that year.
This developing grass root movement coming from the Black masses was being fermented and lead by members of the Nation of Islam, and according to Malcolm himself in our recently discovered missing chapter 9, under the guidance of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Below we compare what Malcolm dictated in 1963 to Alex Haley before he left the Nation of Islam compared to what and where Haley placed those words and ideas in the finished book after Malcolm left.

First, we will compare who Malcolm felt was best qualified to lead Black America in 1963. In the missing chapter Malcolm over and over again said that the masses recognize the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the leader that they trusted. However, in the book (AMX) Malcolm praised himself as the best leader for Black people and those statements were placed in a position of the book that would have placed them in the year 1964, after the split.
One could argue that Malcolm changed his mind after he split from the Nation of Islam, but why lie and make the reader think that he changed his mind before he actually changed his mind? The answer is that the Enemy was developing the idea of a philosophical split before it happened, because the Enemy was threatened by the united front among Black people that Elijah and Malcolm were developing as a team. If chapter 9 was actually put in the so-called “autobiography,” then the readers’ understanding of who wanted Malcolm killed would have shifted from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to the so-called Jews working in the media and within the FBI as they tracked down the Messiah.

Let’s go further.

In 1963 what was Elijah and Malcolm’s plan to utilize the energy from the brewing Black Revolution? According to Malcolm’s words in 1963 the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

introduced the idea of the “black bloc vote” in 1963 and not Malcolm by himself in 1964. The editors of this so-called “autobiography” decided to give Malcolm all of the credit while, in actuality, Malcolm gave the Honorable Elijah Muhammad all of the credit. So, they made Malcolm the genius and the Messenger the sourpuss as they were plotting all along on how to “kill two birds with one stone.”

Let’s go further.

Okay, it gets more interesting as Malcolm spells out the benefits of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s plan to utilize the “black bloc vote” to force the candidates to consider the “special interests of the black race”, if they wanted to get elected. The editors of this so-called “autobiography” almost lifted these same words verbatim from Malcolm’s interviews, but they carefully removed all references to The Messenger to further the idea of a split and Malcolm “going ahead” of The Messenger. However, Malcolm’s own words reflect that he was doing the bidding of The Messenger, not going ahead of him.
Instead, John F. Kennedy was killed on November 22, 1963 and Malcolm made that “chickens coming home to roost” misstatement in December of the same year. Just imagine what would have happened in 1964, if Kennedy had not been killed and Malcolm had not slipped? Where would Black people be today if this chain of events had not happened? So instead of us asking each other “Who killed Malcolm X?”, we would be benefiting from a political move that would have “changed our destiny, overnight.”

The Subtle Replacing of The Messenger with Malcolm

The goal of the writers and editors was to get close enough to Malcolm to determine the direction of The Messenger and how to pull Malcolm away from him. They planned to kill him, blame it on The Messenger then replace our Messiah with Malcolm and blame the death of their choice as the Messiah (our “Black Prince”), on the real Messiah (The Messenger). An indication of their intent was how they systematically brought the light of The Messenger down and increased the light of Malcolm.
The table below is an analysis of how many times Malcolm referred to The Messenger as the “Honorable Elijah Muhammad” in the Missing Chapter 9 and how he is referred to in the published so-called “autobiography”. We see that when Malcolm spoke of The Messenger, he called him the “Honorable Elijah Muhammad” most all of the time. In fact, he did it 21 times in the missing chapter and NEVER called him “Mr. Muhammad.” However, in chapter 16 in the so-called “autobiography” (AMX) they call the Messenger the “Honorable Elijah Muhammad” one time while calling him “Mr. Muhammad” 79 times. When we look at the entire book, we see that the author and editors referred to The Messenger as the “Honorable Elijah Muhammad” only 32 times in 160,974 words, yet call him “Mr. Muhammad” 297 times.

“Islam is Mathematics and Mathematics is Islam.”

When we compare the 5,144 words in the missing Chapter 9 to the number of times Malcolm used the “Honorable Elijah Muhammad”, we see that he used this term once every 245 words. However, the author and editors only used the term the “Honorable Elijah Muhammad” once in every 11,947 words in chapter 16 and in the entire book of 160,974 words, only once every 5,030 words. They decided to remove the honor-ability of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and replace him with his student, Malcolm X. Their trick worked up to now, but now they have been exposed as the ones behind the murder of Malcolm X and the robbery of a people of their chances for Unity.
However, these so-called Jews have convinced many in the world that they are God’s Chosen People and the friend of Black people in America. But they are not “Chosen” and they are not our friends. They have stolen our Identity and almost stole our inheritance. They exposed themselves by making a false image of Malcolm which they raise up periodically to destroy the love of God’s people for their Messiah, now the Exalted Christ, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his servant, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.