Coronavirus notes: (Dr. Ridgely A. Mu’min, 4/19/20)

1. 1995 Million Man March. The world and the Enemy realized that Minister Farrakhan represented the living Messiah. So according to Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, America starting in the early 1990s, for some reason, to give up her manufacturing to China and Mexico. ( We say that reason was deprive Black men of factory jobs.

2. 9/11/01 Israel took down the 3 WTO buildings and struck Pentagon to stop the rise of Islam in America.

3. 2008 Obama elected to take down Farrakhan and Nation of Islam. Pressured by Hillary Clinton he had Gaddafi killed in 2011 but Farrakhan did not take the bait.

4. They decided to start a Race War by publicizing the killing of young Black men starting with Travon Martin in 2014. However, Farrakhan spoke at Mosque Maryam on August 17, 2014 daring them to come into Chicago with the tanks as they did the night before in Ferguson, MO. That made them rethink their plans. Then Farrakhan called for 10,000 Fearless to meet him on the DC Mall for 10/10/15 where he gave the marching orders to Boycott Christmas, relieving the Black youth from the need to confront police to protest the killings.

5. I predicted that the Stock Market would crash on January of 2016 to be blamed on a race war. However, Farrakhan had blocked the race war, which destroyed their cover. So, the international bankers met in Davos, Switzerland at their annual World Economic Forum and George Soros decided to attack the Chinese dollar and stock market. However, China’s Chairman Xi prevented his people from selling stocks or currency, thereby stopping the economic panic and destruction of China’s economy that was about to surpass America. ( )

6. In 2017 Pentagon predicts coronavirus epidemic and America’s unpreparedness.

( )

7. December of 2017 America drops ban on genetic modifications on viruses. This effectively shields Fort Detrick by letting other none military actors in to genetically modify viruses. ( )

8. On August 12, 2019 world warned to be ready for ethnic specific bioweapons. ( )

9. By 2019 China had become the greatest economy in the world. On October 18, 2019 The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201. ( ) “For the scenario, we modeled a fictional coronavirus pandemic, but we explicitly stated that it was not a prediction.” However, a lot of people dropped their stock portfolios including the head of the Senate intelligence committee, Richard Burr.( ) CEOs were quitting like never before but before the stock market crashed in February of 2020. ( )

10. China was hit with the coronavirus in October claiming that it was brought in by US military personnel during the Military World Games in Wuhan province starting October 18, 2019. ( )

11. Cuba sends doctors to China using their “wonder drug” ( ). America refused to accept Cuba’s help but tries to stop other countries from accepting Cuba’s help. (

12. Due to the COVID-19 attack China’s economy shrunk in the fourth quarter by 6.8% ending continual growth since 1976. ( )

13. Why is Bill Gates so interested in vaccines? Bill Gates said that people need to prove they took the vaccine by using an implant. ( ) Medicine and control in the New World Order ( ).

14. Blacks dying more than whites from COVID-19 because of pre-existing conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart failure and kidney disease produced by eating the wrong foods. ( )

15. On March 10, 2020 New York Governor Cuomo erected a 1 mile radius coronavirus containment area around a synagogue in New Rochelle, NY due to the first major outbreak in the state of New York. (

16. Israel has been working on a coronavirus vaccine since 2016. They say they should have one ready in a few weeks, because by “pure luck” they were working on a coronavirus vaccine for 4 years. Why would they work on a vaccine for something that did not exist? ( )